How & when I receive my payment ?
All Payment make via Cheque. Collect your Cheque from jhatpat99 internet limited vaishali nagar Jaipur , Payments will issue by the second Saturday of every month.

How much can I earn from PcTel.in ?
Here is no limit to earn. you can Earn by  more then computer you click.

What PcTel.in is NOT ?
PcTel.in is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You don't need to sell anything to earn from PcTel.in

How To Start Earning ?
Just join us and take a one day training from us. We provide complete training free.

How we get support from you after joining ?
We arrange meeting on every Saturday. In this meeting you can share your views and ask questions.

Is there any limit to checkout my payment ?
No, There are no Minimum balance require to check out.

How can i check my daily Report that how much i have earned today ?
We share your report daily. you can view it regularly.

Is it necessary to sell something to get payment ?
No, Its not necessary to sell products to get payment